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Christmas Tree Syndrome

Posted by Allison Pezzack on

What is Christmas Tree Syndrome and how can DigIt help protect you? If you put up a natural tree every year, you probably already know how sharp those little needles can be, so wearing your DigIt Gloves is an obvious way to help protect your hands from prickles, scratches and broken finger nails. But did you know that a handling a natural tree can do more than break a nail? In fact, the sap from a tree can irritate skin and that wearing gloves and long sleeves can prevent that irritation. Natural trees can even carry mold spores, that once inside your toasty warm house, can multiply and cause sniffles for allergic folk. Thankfully it’s easy to protect yourself and your family with these little tips.

  1. Wear DigIt Gloves and long sleeves when bringing the tree indoors to avoid sap touching your skin.
  2. Trying spraying the tree with a weak solution of bleach and water before bringing it into your house. It can remove some of the pollen and mold.
  3. Stand the tree in a bucket of water and let it dry outside for a few days. That will prevent mold from growing.

Even those of us who choose an artificial tree can benefit from wearing gloves when assembling and decorating your tree. Sharp wires, broken ornaments and even the hooks for hanging ornaments can poke and prick at the unprotected skin, so don’t forget your DigIt Gloves when putting up your tree this season.

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