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3 Intuitive Ways to Bring Mindfulness to your Life

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In the quest for world dominance, we sometimes forget that it’s the simple things that fall by the wayside! As a brand that was born from the mind of a female entrepreneur, we understand the magnitude of your everyday life. It’s one long list of things to do with rarely enough time to even check them off before they’re replaced with new things to do. Trust us when we say we feel ya, sista! Our founder, Claudia Harvey, started DigIt with 3 little ones under the age of 9!

To be a good entrepreneur or parent or, indeed, a good person, we believe you need to recharge yourself regularly. Where does wellness fit into your busy life? To our minds, wellness = mindfulness as a first step.

Here are 3 ways to bring mindfulness to your everyday life.

  1. Get outdoors

Call us biased but very little refreshes us as much as a quick trip outdoors. Whether it’s a quick walk to run an errand, a few minutes stretching in your garden, or even 10 minutes pottering among your plants in your back yard, the fresh air will help clear your head and reenergize you. (Hopefully, spring will be here soon, and this will all become a much more exciting prospect.)

  1. Use your routine activities to take a moment of mindfulness

It could be in the shower, brushing your teeth or the commute to work - choose to use that time to take a moment for yourself. Use the 10 minutes in which you brush your teeth and wash your face to listen to two of your favourites songs that build yourself up for the day. Use your commute to set intentions. While you wait for the subway, take 10 deep breaths to center yourself. It’s the little steps that keep you going, and make a big difference.

  1. Explore wellness technology 

If, like most people who are honest about it, you find some days you need to scream into your pillow because the day isn’t going the way you’d like it to, your phone might have the answer. There are many apps and videos out there that can help you. A 5-minute guided meditation on YouTube is the simplest option to help you get your breath back to where it needs to be. (Or pull up your favourite app – there are many out there with your desired level of bells and whistles)

 Join our little movement, won’t you? The next time you do something that you could’ve done in a routine, robotic, sometimes even joyless way, bring some mindfulness to it. And if you’d like to share, we’d love that. Please use the hashtag #DigDeep. We didn’t invent it - hashtags don’t belong to any one person. But this speaks to us. Every little effort to put intention into things is a definite yes in our books! There’s certainly enough going on out there that’s negative and maybe the efforts we put into the little stories that made us look deeper within to find the positivity will help right that balance.

That’s why our tagline at DigIt is ‘the freedom to dig deep’. And we try to stay true to it every day.

Go forth and #DigDeep!

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