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Getting your Garage Ready for Winter

Posted by Allison Pezzack on

Over the summer, it’s easy to let sports equipment, gardening gear and more clutter up your garage, so that by back to school time, there’s no way your car will fit in there. But if you’re anything like us at Dig It Apparel, you’ll want to make space so that you don’t have to tackle a snow or ice-covered car when Winter eventually comes! 

  1. Get on your Dig It utility gloves. Particularly in Fall after a busy Summer, your garage can be a bit mucky so protect your hands and fingernails from dirt and debris with Dig It Handwear or High 5 gloves.

  1. Invest in a garage organizing system like this one, the Gladiator. It’s available at major home improvement stores. Just mount the panels to the studs in your garage wall, and use the multitude of hooks, baskets and pegs to keep everything from bikes to string trimmers out of the way.

    Our favourite is the bike hook. It grips a bike by the wheel, and releases it easily with just a lift and “bump” so you can quickly get your bike back out for a ride on a nice day.


  1. Create a system for yourself. Group like with like. Start by creating piles of similar objects... put gardening tools together, sports equipment together, sprinklers etc. all in the same place.



  1. Bring in some big, transparent storage totes or bins and fill them with the awkwardly shaped items that won’t stay neatly on a shelf. If you’re feeling super ambitious, label the bins with a permanent marker, or use stick on chalk-board labels, so you’ll know quickly what’s inside. For little kids’ toys, you could even stick a picture on the front, so they can easily see where their sidewalk chalk is stored.

  1. Balls always rolling around the garage? Use bungee cords to create a storage solution for all sizes and shapes of balls. Stretch several same length cords between two horizontal slats or shelves. The smaller the balls, the closer together the bungees should be. Balls can easily slip in ad out from between the bungies but stay put when not in use. This great idea comes from the website!



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