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What to do in your garden now it's June

Posted by Allison Pezzack on
  1. Hanging Baskets – it’s time! With the risk of frost is long gone, you can safely hang out all those beautiful baskets. Regular trimming will make sure they stay bushy and lush. Water them at least three times a week and feed them every 10 days and you’ll have hanging baskets that are the envy of the neighbourhood.
  2. Cut back spring-flowering shrubs like viburnum, heather and spirea. This will make sure that they grow full and healthy and will flower well next spring
  3. Plant your summer bedding plants. Flats of sunny annuals are all over the stores now, so go wild and plant a riot of colour along your beds
  4. Vegetables will take up a lot of your time this month. You can sow corn, beans, beets, radishes, cabbage, fennel, kohlrabi, squash and more, so they’re ready for a bountiful fall harvest
    Harvest early potatoes, strawberries and other early-ripening produce
  5. Weed! Weed and weed some more. Ok, so this isn’t just advice for June!
  6. Mow your lawn once a week and make sure you have your mower on mulching mode…the clippings put water and nutrients back into the ground and save on watering.

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