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5 Beauty Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

Posted by Maureen Clifford on

Reliable Sun Protection EVERY TIME:

How many of us actually set a reminder on our phones to reapply sunscreen? And how often are we actually re-applying? There are now cool little stickers you can purchase that will turn clear after you’ve applied sunscreen over it and it’s exposed to the sunlight. When the dot turns purple it’s time to reapply your sunscreen, how easy is that!

SPOTMYUV® Detection Stickers (CNW Group/SPOTMYUV®)

The SpotmyUV Detection Stickers uses a unique technology that includes a layer within the sticker that responds like your skin would to sunscreens, activities and UV levels. The sticker is also waterproof which means it will last through any summer activity!

Bahar’s Tip: Place this in a visible spot so you’ll notice when the colour changes.

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