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Introducing Dig It In the Sun™

Posted by Allison Pezzack on

Introducing Dig It In the Sun™

“Dig It In the Sun™ is a breakthrough for anyone who enjoys time outdoors” says Dig It Apparel® CEO, Claudia Harvey.

“We all enjoy a day outside, and it’s difficult to know how often to reapply sunscreen, and even easy to forget altogether! That’s what is so innovative about Dig It In the Sun… it’s a UVA and UVB indicator that, when applied to skin, reacts to the sun and sunscreen just like your skin does, changing colour when it’s time to put on more.”

The adhesive Dots are made from a thin, flexible bio-polymer that reacts like your skin to UV exposure. Its comfortable, non-irritating and hypoallergenic. When exposed to UV, the dot changes from clear to deep purple. And just like skin, when sunscreen is applied over the Dot, it turns clear and only changes colour when the effectiveness of sunscreen wears off. Each adhesive Dot remains effective throughout a full day of activity and removes easily without causing irritation.

“We are very excited about this breakthrough for all sun and outdoor enthusiasts, especially for families,” said Harvey. “For busy moms, these UVA/UVB indicator dots will help keep their kid’s skin safe from the sun and will give them confidence to enjoy an active lifestyle with the whole family.”

The UV indicator dots are sold in packages of 8, 20 and 30. Available online at, and in major retailers across North America in 2019.

Dig It Apparel® is the brainchild of Canadian entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den alumni, Claudia Harvey. Offering a range of innovative products targeted towards today’s busy woman and families, Dig It Apparel is a Canadian company and celebrating their 10th anniversary. After striking a successful deal with Kevin O’Leary of Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank, Dig It® has

continued to grow. CEO Claudia Harvey is also a renowned motivational speaker and best-selling author.

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