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SPOTMYUV® : UV DETECTION STICKERS - ContenderCast with Justin Honaman

Posted by Maureen Clifford on

SPOTMYUV®, a Canadian invention, was created in 2014 because of the genuine need for people worldwide to increase their personal line of defence against harmful UV sun damage. SPOTMYUV® co-inventors Andrew Martinko, Chad Sweeting and Derek Jouppi are graduates of the University of Waterloo's Nanotechnology Engineering program and are passionate about sun protection. With family and close friends impacted by skin cancer, they found a need to bring a product to market that would tell a wearer when to reapply sunscreen and thereby positively affecting sun protection habits. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world and almost 100% preventable when sunscreen is used correctly. CEO Claudia Harvey joins Justin to discuss the business and tips to bring new ideas to life. Listen to the episode here.

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