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Dig It® Handwear Garden Gloves Purple


Our classic Dig It® Handwear Garden Gloves with our Industrial Design Patent, Pillow-top Protector® inside each fingertip keep hands and nails dirt and debris free.

Designed to work hard while protecting your nails from dirt and debris. Perfect for planting, weeding or any DIY project, Dig It® Handwear lets you tackle tough jobs without sacrificing style, comfort or your nails!

  • Revolutionary concept Industrial Design Patent
  • Interior-reinforced Pillow-top nail Protector
  • Non-slip silicone dots
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable wrist, short cuff
  • Available in 5 Colours and 3 Sizes

Our washable, breathable handwear is made from vegan leather. Double-stitching at the fingertips makes them extra durable, and a snug wrist strap keeps any debris from slipping down into the glove.

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability is relevant to all areas of our business. We are mindful of the choices we make and the impact these decisions have on our planet.

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The Dig It Difference

Patented Pillow-Top Protection

Our flagship product, Dig It® Handwear, merges the best features of a traditional utility/gardening glove with revolutionary pillow-top protection in each fingertip.

The Dig It Grip

A detailed pattern of silicone daisies on the palm sealed to soft and comfortable vegan suede, with a tapered fingertip design, improves dexterity or a traditional utility glove. Whether you are holding tools, manipulating small items or handling delicate plants and flowers these gloves are designed for dexterity.

Crafted for a Woman’s Hand

With our Industrial Design Patent, Dig It® Handwear gloves are crafted for a woman’s hand using technical materials that ensure optimal protection for nails, are comfortable and allow excellent dexterity.