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Dig My Life® 3 Face Shields & 1 Ball Cap


A Dig My Life® Baseball Cap with a Face Shield is a simple, clever way to comfortably cover the face when out and about. Our soft, 100% brushed cotton baseball cap has an adjustable back closure for comfort. The hat comes with a slip on PET plastic shield which wraps around the face, covering eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

The shield slips easily onto the stylish brimmed cap and attaches with adhesive to the sides of the cap giving the wearer complete wrap-around protection. Dig My Life® Face Shields can be worn with or without an additional face covering to keep you, and those around you, safer. 

  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • Inhibits airborne particles and droplets
  • Allows for easy communication 
  • Covers eyes, nose and mouth

Adhesive tabs at the side attach the shield firmly to your favourite baseball cap, holding the guard in place. Easy to apply and remove, the tabs last several "sticks" and once adhesion is lost, the plastic shield can be recycled.

Made of PET plastic, the shield can be cleaned with soap and water or disinfectant and worn over and over again.

Package includes - 1 One Size Unisex Cotton Twill Ball Cap and 3 Face Shields

Face Shields are : Made in Canada, Ball Cap Decorated in United States: Imported.


  • With clean hands, use tab to remove protective cover exposing Dig It In the Sun TM dot.
  • Remove dot from backing and stick to clean, hair free dry skin.
  • Cover Dig It In The Sun dot with sunscreen, but don't rub in yet. Wait 30 seconds, then gently rub in sunscreen. Avoid touching once dry.
  • Expose Dig It In The Sun to direct sunlight. Use exposure scale to check colour. Dot will not change colour indoors or in shade.


Cover all exposed skin with sunscreen and follow sunscreen manufacturers instructions for use. If skin irritation occurs discontinue use. Parental supervision for children under 3.

Dig It In The Sun® UVA/UVB Indicators - Directions & Warning