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Eye Dig It® Sunglasses - Tortoise Shell


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Eye Dig It® Safety Sunglasses allow you to be fashion forward while protecting your eyes from everyday hazards.

From the makers of Dig It® Handwear, Eye Dig It® combines revolutionary technology that allows you to protect your eyes from UV rays while incorporating the highest impact resistance lenses of any safety glasses.

In addition to being stylish and safe, Eye Dig It® is designed to resist slipping and fit snugly while you work or play outdoors. Our large lens provides maximum protection... all in one pair of sunglasses!

Eye Dig It® comes in two colour options; choose between our classic Tortoise Shell or sleek Black shades... perfect for any occasion.

Our lenses are made of a scratch resistant polycarbonate with a UV protection factor meeting the highest standards on the market. The lenses and frames incorporate proven safety designations to ensure your eyes are protected in all outdoor conditions.

Our versatile glasses can be used for yard work, driving, woodworking, sports, construction & any DIY projects... or simply wear them for everyday use.

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