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The Story of a Brand : Dig It

Posted by Maureen Clifford on

In part 1 of this Feature, we have Claudia Harvey - Founder of Dig It, a brand that provides protective outdoor wear and protective products for women and families. We discuss: People who supported her; Overview of the brand; Why she started this business; The need for strength, balance, and harmony in life; Partnership with Dragon's Den; Her suggestion to avoid negativity; What is her advice to people like her who are looking for balance. Why it took 10 years to transform; and so much more.

In part 2 of this Feature, Claudia Harvey, founder of Dig It, explains how to use experiences for the next opportunity. She talks about her fearlessness as well as her nervousness. We discussed: Unique experiences; Her thoughts on the past; What she learned from her mentors Jack and Ellen; Her blueprint for success; Why niche is important for a company; Her reflections on life in the pandemic; What products they have; Other businesses she is working on; and so much more.

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