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Save your Back AND your Lawn by Mulching

Posted by Allison Pezzack on

All that hard work raking, gathering and bagging leaf debris, can be forgotten. A recent study by the University of Michigan shows that your lawn will benefit from the extra nitrogen of rotting leaves.

 lawnmower, leaves and gardening gloves

Simply take the grass catcher off your mower run the mower over your lawn. Leaf pieces should be about the size of a dime in order to decompose well. You’ll know you’ve done enough mowing when you can see the grass stick up about ½ an inch above the mulched leaves.  It might take a few passes, but it’s much easier than raking!

Once you are finished, the worms and microbes will get to work turning the leaves into nutritious nitrogen.

This works with any type of leaf, and you can mulch about 18 inches of leaves before it’s too much for your lawn. You can help things along with some fertilizer, too. Always wear your Dig It® Gloves when you’re working with fertilizer to keep skin safe.

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