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10 products to help you survive a long family day at the beach

Posted by Maureen Clifford on

Making beach plans for the summer? This year, the demand for outdoor recreation is expected to be high, and popular beaches may reach capacity by mid-morning or require advance reservations. 

Whether you're headed to a local lake for an afternoon or have bigger plans for a seaside holiday, being well-prepared and equipped can help make your visit that much more fun — especially if kids are involved. To help you get the most out of your family beach time, here are ten helpful buys that will make you the envy of the shore. 

7. A sunburn is the common beach souvenir that no one wants. These sweatproof and waterproof stickers, invented in Canada, can help you see when you might need to reapply sunscreen on yourself, or the kids. 

SpotMyUV Detection Stickers, $11.99 for 12-pack, SpotMyUV

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