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Best of Summer BBQ’s | Listing My Fav Ways to Up Your Grill Game

Posted by Maureen Clifford on

Summer BBQ’s are right around the corner and this year it’s more important to spend some quality time with loved one than ever. Having a summer BBQ is the perfect way to bring us back together safely, comfortably and best of all with fun. I love the tastes and conversation that go along with a good summer grill.

There are a tone of cool ways to elevate your grill game this summer. I put together a list of some of my favorite ways to up my BBQ game this summer. From grabbing some extra attention on the grill to making your space truly pop, these are some fun ways to make this summer the best one yet.

Okay, so stepping away from the grill we have to talk about sun protection. You can’t have a summer BBQ without protecting your skin. At these outdoor summer events it’s simply too easy to forget to reapply your sun screen. Well, there is a product that helps you see when it’s time to reapply to help us avoid those uncomfortable sunburns.

SpotMyUV is a patch you can wear that changes color when it’s time to reapply sun screen. It is the best indication to keep you or your loved ones from getting a sunburn. Having a BBQ and hanging out by the pool can be a lot safer with something as simple as SpoMyUV. This is just one of those things to never overlook because of its simplicity; it’s too important to forget about. SpotMyUV is convenient for everyone. Don’t take it for granted.

Read the full list here.

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